Handwriting Analysis
Grow stronger


Kirthi Nair

The first time Leena did the brief analysis on my handwriting, I was stunned the way she portrayed me because each and every word spoken on my personality by her was absolutely true. I trusted her right away and by her guidance to improvise my handwriting not only I am driven on a positive vibe all the time but now I am able to focus. The change in me is evident and I thank her wholeheartedly.


Its really exciting to know the power of letters. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to believe that the way we write letters can determine our traits. So, I did my research but my own experience this last few weeks made me feel and believe it strongly. Thank you Leena for your time and support in making me understand the magic of letters and for taking me to this fascinating world of letters once more.

Smitha Rao

It fascinates me to discover how elements of one’s personality and behavior can be exhibited in one’s handwriting.It is especially wonderful to be able to influence one’s outlook,one’s approach and one’s effect on life by deliberately altering tiny aspects of one’s handwriting.Thankyou Ms Leena ,you were so helpful and full of advice and insight.So far a very rewarding experience.

Advocate Rajlakshmi

I got my handwriting analysis done by Ms.Leena. It gave me an insight of myself and in-depth understanding of my problem areas. Tips and solutions and few writing exercises suggested by her proved very helpful. She also gave me areas to focus on improving self. This helped me in my own personality development and improving my confidence. Thank you so much Ms. Leena.

Sunil Vaidh

“First when Ms. Leena spoke to me about Handwriting stuff, I was amazed to know the facts. I print all the time, when she analyzed my handwriting I could see me through her analysis. It is awesome to know this science. I thank her for the guidance and changes she gave me to enhance my personality through handwriting.”

Anaouli Desai – HR professional

It is rightly quoted that “Handwriting is the brain writing.” To know about your strengths and weaknesses through analysis of your own writings is something WOW feeling… So when Ms. Leena Soneja, who happens to be my neighbour too shared that she is certified handwriting expert, I without wasting a second sent her my writings with anxiety within as to what  the results would be. And to my surprise she portrayed me exactly to what I am and what I feel towards aspects of life n surroundings. With a zeal to improve on the aspects that needs attention I thank Ms.Leena for her wonderful analysis and wishes her best in her new endeavor.

Padma Iyer

The first time Leena suggested that I write something and forward it to her for an analysis,it had me curious and intrigued that somebody could read me with the help of handwriting. And when she actually started telling me the results of the same, I kept on repeating “bang on”. Thanks Leena for it and am looking forward to the suggestions to change certain sub conscious aspects of thought process with the help of improving my handwriting. Thanks for this.

Deepika Rao

I had never thought given handwriting analysis much thought. When i spoke to Leena , I gave her my handwriting sample , just out of curiosity. She set the right expectations that there was nothing good or bad about a person and her analysis would be a reflection of the sub conscious mind of the writer. To my amazement, most of what she said was true about me and she covered different dimensions like physical and emotional well-being. She gave clear examples on understanding the ideas. It was a great journey of introspection and self discovery. I then gave my ten year old daughters handwriting samples too. It was joyful to know about my kid from her perspective as it was accurate to a large extent. She gave few corrective strokes to help her evolve more.