The writing on the paper depicts your inner you! Handwriting reveals your personality on the paper. There are more than 100 personality traits that can be identified from handwriting. Don’t get scared, in fact it actually helps us to under

Are you a control freak? Look at your handwriting!

Are you a control freak? Look at your handwriting!

stand ourselves better. How amazing it sounds when you get to know others from their handwriting even without communicating.

Losing control in life is related to fear. Fear of losing control makes us do things or react in certain manner. The other name for fear of losing control is ‘Perfection”. So, people with losing control anxiety are perfectionists. People who look for perfection in their life are always heightened with anxiety and stress.

Another challenging aspect of the fear of losing control is that it can bring up resistance to change. Change usually entails leaving our comfort zone, which is why we perceive it as a somewhat uncomfortable risk. In contrast to a healthy comfort zone, the boundaries of an anxiety- and control-driven one tends to become rigid walls. And the longer we stay in that constricted zone, the more we avoid and resist leaving it, even if we aren’t at all comfortable in it anymore.

Ask yourself “Do I look for perfection?” If yes, show your handwriting to graphologist and know how to overcome.