Imagine yourself having a bad day today. You are in the office and boss calls you to tell that client rejected the project. After a while, you went to the parking to take your car and saw that you got a parking ticket. You feel angry and call up a friend to share that all bad things are happening since morning. The friend also brushes you off before you can share and hangs the phone. How do you react to this situation? What would you feel? What would you do? Here mindset comes in. If you are a fixed mindset person you will say “I feel rejected”, “I am a total failure”, “I am a loser”, “I feel worthless and dumb and even boss also feels the same.” Excuse me, was there death and destruction, or just a deal that got cancelled, a ticket, and a bad phone call with a friend? If these kind of feeling keeps repeating to you, you are actually a fixed mindset person who has low self-esteem, pessimistic, sensitive to criticism and fear of failure.

Okay, let’s look at the same situation from the person who has got growth mind set. He will say, “The cancelled deal tells me that I need to work hard for other deals and achieve my target”, “I would pay the ticket but next time I will be careful when parking the car”, “I wonder, if my friend had a bad day, I will speak to him after some time”. Things like deal cancellation, parking ticket, friend ignoring are not fun events, but person with growth mindset though felt distressed, was ready to take the risks, confront the challenges, and keep working at them. The person with growth mind set has got positivity, optimism, enthusiasm to face the challenge, carries high self-esteem and is confident.

How does all this relate to our handwriting? How can we know from the handwriting that person is having fixed mindset or growth mindset? Fixed and Growth mindset are related to our brain. Our definitions to failure or success are coming from our belief system. These belief systems have helped us to grow our personality accordingly. Similarly, Handwriting is brainwriting. Everything gets registered in subconscious mind and it comes out on the paper when we write. Handwriting reveals the entire personality of the person. Now, can you make the connection with mindset and handwriting? Of course, yes, if you have growth mindset, you will definitely have success traits in your handwriting. A graphologist can tell you your success traits from the handwriting. You actually can shift yourself from fixed mindset to growth mindset by changing your handwriting.

What is your mindset? Ask the graphologist!